Making Challah: A Prayer on the Eve Rosh Hashanah

round challah
Do you ever pray when you’re making challah (bread)? Four words: fifteen minutes of kneading. It is a great time to think about and pray for others, a time to pray blessings over your friends and family, putting all those blessings and all that love into your bread.

This is my prayer that I pray over my challah today on this, the eve of Rosh Hashanah.

Avinu Malcheinu, Our Father, Our King,
Thank You for being my God.
Thank You for being the source of all life.
Thank You for blessing this last year,
for giving my family grace, love, and shalom.
For filling our home and our hearts with Your Light.
Thank You for my family, for my husband,
He is truly my soul mate, my other whole;
Thank you for my three children,
who bring such beauty and joy into our lives.
Thank you for my parents who taught me to love You
and to trust in You and walk in Your ways.
Thank You for my sisters and brother
who I can always depend on to tell me truth,
and who strive for holiness daily.
Thank You for my friends,
who serve You with all their hearts
and encourage me in my walk with You.
Hashem, bless us all with the light of Your countenance
and help us to continue to grow closer to You in the coming year.

!שנה טובה ומתוקה
Good and Sweet New Year!

Shalom and blessings,

Come Out

Little children,
You must listen.
You hide in darkness,
But He is not there.
Come out, come out
Wherever you are.

For your wickedness
He sent you away,
But you may return,
And He will accept you;
If you humble yourselves
And obey.

Know Thyself

“Know thyself, and
To thine own self be true.”
Night’s dreams fly
On butterfly wings.
Morning’s dawn
Is hope renewed.
Possibilities flow,
Spring forth like water
From my soul.
Each new day
Is a day to grow,
To find myself
And more fully be
The real me
Hidden in You.


By the heat of the Son.
Peeling skin,
I am undone.
Dip seven times.
Once, twice,
Three times,
Then four,
Nothing changes;
Go three times more.
Out of living waters
I emerge–
Pure, clean,
Complete, whole.

Walking in Circles

My body, bound by time;
My soul, cycles within cycles.
What has been will be again;
This life is brief, fleeting, flying,
My inner man awaits the new dawn.
Resisting the beast within,
My soul is sustained
On the bread from heaven.
Restraining my flesh,
My soul grows stronger,
Till I no longer desire to eat
From the tree of knowing
Both good and bad.
The more I retrain my mind,
The closer I get
To the One Who’s divine.
The Holy One, blessed is He,
Calls me to be just as holy as He.
Rectify, sanctify, purify, justify–
Walking in circles,
My soul goes on,
Till I make my final return to Zion.

Song of Songs Abbreviated

Limbs entwined.
Which are yours?
Which are mine?
This is true love found,
Once in a lifetime.

Souls encircled.
No end and no beginning.
Moments, glimpses,
Outside of time,
Invoking eternity.

Before Dawn

The sun sets,
And darkness descends
The beasts begin to roam.
They form a band,
Going from town to town,
Searching for their prey,
And devouring the flesh
Of lesser men.

Where does hope live?
Where can safety be found?
All seems lost–
Just out of reach.
No words bring comfort,
Compassion wanes,
Terror reigns
In the world of men.

Souls wrapped in skin,
Souls of fire light;
Candles in the wind,
Beacons for their brethren–
Hope lives in them.
Safety is found in the One
Who said, “Look up,
Your Redemption draws nigh.”

Stars shine brightly;
In the clear night sky,
The full moon ascends.
No earthly realm will bring peace.
Look up, for Our Hope
Descends from the heavens.
Safety comes riding
On the clouds of the Dawn.