“O” is for Octopus

We’ve arrived at the age of starting school.  Before my husband and I got married, we discussed our mutual desire to home school any future children.  Hubby went to a public school growing up, and I experienced public, private, and home schooling.  So we knew this day was coming when others his age were already attending preschool.

My son, though only three (he’ll be four in November) has always been very smart.  So this summer I started my search for home school curriculum.  It soon became apparent, after sifting through many curricula, that preschool would not be challenging enough for my little boy.  He excels at learning new things.  When he was only two we were doing flash cards, drilling him on animal names and the alphabet and he loved it!

I set out to find a curriculum that would be challenging and also well planned out for me as a new homeschool mom/teacher.  If you are not used to doing something it is sometimes best to go with a curriculum that’s already well laid out and can be adjusted to fit the needs of your child.

The curriculum I ended up choosing was LIFEPAC Kindergarten Level Math and Language Skills from Alpha Omega Publishing.  They are a consumable books, but I thought it would be best if he could draw and write in his books for this year, at least.  He has done really well in math so far.  He has a good understanding of the concepts being covered and is quick to pick up the new things with repetition.  The language skills have been a little more challenging, namely tracing letters.  He hadn’t really done much coloring or drawing up until we started doing his school work, so we took a little break and came back to it a week later, after much coloring, with renewed interest and a steadier hand.  He can now trace the letter “O” almost perfectly and he’s doing a quite good freehand “O” as well!  For tracing practice, I found a great site that has free worksheets: ZiggityZoom.com  This is the one my son worked on today

What I’ve discovered so far (only 2 weeks in) is that some things will come naturally and some things will be more difficult for your child.  The most important thing is to be patient, loving, and encouraging.  If they’re getting frustrated take a little break and come back to it. They’ll come around and finally “get it,” and when they do, you’ll be there cheering them on!

Home schooling has probably been one of the funnest things I’ve done so far on this parenting journey, and I look forward to each day with great enthusiasm and anticipation for what my boy will learn next.  I love watching him get excited about learning.  I hope that this post has helped somebody out there in cyberspace.  I’ll try to keep you updated on the progress he’s making throughout the year.


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