How We Deal

Many people see themselves only as victims–victims of their past, victims of their circumstances, victims of what was done to them by other people. Then there are those who rise above all the tragedy in their lives, and embrace the good things that they have acquired because of their tragedies. The truth is we are all victims; we all suffer tragedy in some shape or form whether great or small, and how we live after those things can either define us as “forever victims” focused on ourselves and what has been done to us, constantly living in the past, or they can propel us to become even more compassionate, loving people, careful to not hurt others the way we have been hurt.

I loved this account of a man who is a hemiplegic (his left hemisphere is partially paralyzed) who went on a journey to find the man who broke his neck and changed his life forever. Which kind of person are you?

Shalom and blessings,


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