Tzniut: Modesty and Headcovering (Part 3)

Today, I want to share a post from Rivka Malka that she wrote for Fashion-Isha’s blog. Rivka Malka’s view of modesty and headcovering is so very helpful in getting a proper perspective of what modesty/tzniut is really all about. I have posted the first bit of the article for you here so as not to infringe on the original blog’s rights to the material, so to read the rest, go to Fashion-Isha’s post: Wrapping With Wrapunzel

“My 17 year old daughter sat in class the other week and the teacher asked “When I say modesty, what words come to mind in the first sixty seconds.”

In the living room tonight, my daughter posed that same question to me. “What would you say, Ma?”

I easily answered “self – worth, protection, inner beauty, creative, gorgeous, inspired, whole.”

“That’s so you Ma. The girls in my class answered, ‘Rules, below the knee too tight’ etc”

Why? Why is that their response?

Blessings and Shalom,


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