Yeshua as Messiah: My Testimony (Part 1)

Is Yeshua the Messiah? Some people say, yes; some people say, no. Certainly, if you want to believe He is Messiah, you can find adequate proof, and if you don’t want to believe He is Messiah, you can, again, find adequate proof. So how are we supposed to know the truth?

There is no doubt that people standing under the banner of Christianity have killed countless Jews and other people groups in the name of Jesus in order to further their religious dogmas. There is not even a question of these actions being justified or right in the eyes of Hashem. But does this negate Yeshua from being the Messiah just because people have misused His words and abused and killed others in His name?

I grew up in a deeply, devout Christian home, because that was what Hashem ordained for me. I accepted Jesus as my Master and Messiah at two years old. You might think a child of two is too young to understand or profess any belief in God or Jesus, but I still remember it so clearly. Jesus was the Door that I came to believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

My parents have always loved the Jewish people and believed that the Jews were and always will be God’s chosen people. When my mother was a little girl, she told her mother that she wanted to be Jewish, so my grandmother bought her a Star of David. When I was a child, I remember going into her room and rummaging in her jewelry box just to look at it, and, later on, beg to wear it around my own neck.

When I was in high school, my parents hosted a Passover seder in our home. I remember feeling so incredibly content and comfortable celebrating something that maybe would have felt foreign to other people. I felt a connection to Hashem and His people like I had never felt before.

Then in 2003, my parents took me, my sisters, and my brother-in-law to Israel. Being in the land of Israel–how can one describe what it is like to be there, in that place, to someone who has never been? It is supernatural; it awakens something inside. There is a profound connection to the people of God and the history of that place that one feels with all of one’s senses when walking down those ancient paths.

Our guide, on that trip, was a Messianic Jew, and he took us to places and told us things, I had never heard growing up in the church. Looking back on that trip, I can now see that a seed was planted in my heart by that man’s words that began to grow up toward the the surface. It took seven more years, but that seed finally began sprout and take root in May of 2010.

If you recall, the flotilla incident was all over the news at that time, and I began looking at end times prophecy. I ran across Mark Biltz’s teaching on Youtube on the blood moon tetrad of 2014-2015 and was intrigued by the way he taught. I decided to go to his website and listen to more of his teachings. He taught from the first five books of the Bible (what I now know as the Torah) and interwove the words of Jesus to connect the two “testaments” and make one complete Book. I began to look at my beliefs and the doctrines I had grown up with and reexamine everything with a fresh pair of eyes. My perception of Jesus changed, and as I began to call Him by His Hebrew name, Yeshua, I began to think differently about just why He came and what He came to do.

I had been looking for permission all my life be a Jew; I was always looking for a reason to keep the commandments found in the Torah. So why didn’t I just convert to Judaism, you may ask? The best answer I can give you, is that I have a long history with Jesus. His presence was always there with me. I believed that He had died because of my sins. When I had walked away from Christianity for a short time in college, His Holy Spirit kept goading me and prodding me to come back to what I knew to be truth.

I needed a Savior; I needed a Guide; I needed boundaries. When I repented of my sins, according to the understanding I had been given up to that point in my life, I regained a Savior and a loving Guide. It was not until 9 years later that I was provided with clear, divine boundaries which are found in His Torah. But I held onto hope, believing that Jesus was my Rock, and He would continue to lead me and guide me like a Good Shepherd. Baruch Hashem, He led me back to the home I didn’t even know I’d left–God’s prodigal daughter had returned.

Everything that had happened to me, had led me to that moment on the 14 Elul 5770, when the first 29 years became my past life, and I began to see just how gracious and patient Hashem had been with me up until that point. I have never done anything deserving of the revelation of His holy Torah. Even the desire that I had as a child to be part of God’s chosen people was not my own, but placed there by Hashem. He alone is to be praised and glorified for the life I now live.

Four years later, I can now see just how lost I was without Hashem’s Guidebook. Yes, His Holy Spirit was with me, but the Spirit only speaks in accordance with Hashem’s Word. How can one truly walk the straight and narrow path, if one has been told constantly that the Guidebook has become outdated? One is bound to get off track, very easily. But thanks be to God, that He never gave up on me, that He opened my eyes and ears, and He let me see the beauty of that divine Guidebook. It is the source of all life, peace, goodness, justice, wisdom, and light.

The source by which I came to Torah remains the same; I came through Yeshua. I know there are many out there who also came to a belief and Torah and have since denied their belief in Him as their Messiah, but I cannot ever do this. His death and resurrection means too much; what He did in order to restore me to the Father means too much.

I do wish to make myself very clear as to what I believe. Yeshua is my Messiah, He is the First Begotten Son of the Living God, the Right Hand of the Father, the Word made flesh. He came in the likeness of man in order to lead humanity to a right relationship with the Father–the Ribono Shel Olam (Master of the Universe)–not to create another religion, and not to build His own following, and most importantly not to “do away with” His Father’s Word.

I’d like to explain my reasoning for these beliefs more later; will you join me? I hope you will!

Shalom and blessings,


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