Something Crazy

Okay, I am going to tell on myself today! Before my husband and I moved to Ohio we had an argument. I can honestly say, I have no idea what we were arguing about. Do we ever really remember? Anyway, he eventually left so we could both cool off, but I took his absence as an opportunity to break the household dishes–yes, yes, I did; it was a set of eight dinner plates, salad plates, and bowls that I hated and didn’t want to pack up and move with us. I’m a very passionate, dramatic gal; can you tell?

Smash! Crash!

What must my neighbors be thinking? Oh, I don’t really care.

Wham! Slam!

It felt really good to drop those dishes one by one on the concrete below my porch. I felt quite liberated by it! However, the clean up was not all that fun, and hubby was not very happy about not having normal dishes to eat off of; we used paper plates for a month before our move. Now,after almost three years, we (he) can finally laugh about it.

Take the advice from this crazy lady, if you hate your dishes and you want to smash them, ask your husband first; if he doesn’t like the idea, take them down to the Goodwill, after you’ve saved up some money, and get some new ones.

Got a crazy story? Please share below! Happy Monday everyone!


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