Sitting in Emptiness

Image courtesy of arztsamui at
Image courtesy of arztsamui at

There are days when we just have nothing to give to ourselves or to anyone else. We may be dealing with emotions, mourning a loss, or trying to overcome any number of difficulties. It is during those times that we must realize it’s okay to be empty; it’s all right to take the time to sit in the void and wait for Hashem to come and fill us with Himself. No amount of spiritual junk food will ease the emptiness. We must come to a place of deep longing, desperation, need–for Him. That is when He works; that is when we metamorphose once again. Hashem begins to stretch and reform our spiritual vessels, creating more space for His presence to dwell within us. When His work ends, He fills us with His inextricable Light to overflowing. Only in this state, are we able to give to others as our Creator gives to us. So don’t be afraid to sit in emptiness and wait expectantly for Him to fill you.

© 2015, Sarah S. Walters



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