My Banner

The more time that goes by, and the farther I go in my journey with Hashem, the more I realize that I don’t want to stand under the banner of any particular religion or “movement” but, rather, the flag of surrender and banner of Love.

Hashem has set a standard in the earth; it’s been there since time immemorial; I simply have to stand under it. That is what He’s calling me to; it’s what I believe He’s calling all of us to, to stand under His banner. All it requires is for us to trust Him above any man/men or organization(s). And He doesn’t just want the parts of us we’re willing to put under His Banner; He wants all of us.

His Banner is unmarked, it’s not flashy or showy; real love needs no words, just action. His banner is white; His love is pure as washed wool, and white as freshly fallen snow. If we can bring ourselves to surrender to Him, He makes us pure vessels capable of holding His Love to overflowing, bubbling upward and outward to a dark and dying world that so desperately needs His Love, too.

He is my Banner. His Banner is Love. His Love is enough. He is enough.

Maybe it’s bricks and mortar now, whether or not they run it down
I don’t want anything to shake that shape away
No one told us which way to come, nobody mapped oblivion
So I go growing roses in the disarray
Just like most, falling head in
‘Til my ghost fills the bed in

So lift it up like a banner
Hold it up over me
If this war is never ending
I’ll take this love down with me
Like a banner

I don’t need fate to give it time, it doesn’t take pain to change your mind
No weapon can sever the soul from me
Not the sorceress, not the money
All my cleverness, all my cunning


It’s around me in my surroundings
It counts me when it starts the counting
In the chaos there is a standard
I’m carrying it like a banner

So lift it up like a banner
Hold it up over me
If this war is never ending
I’ll take this love down with me


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