Renovate My Heart

You did not come to me
When I was strong and confident;
You waited,
Until I was willing to confess
That I am weak and broken.
Who seeks out a Healer
When everything is going well?
But I’m not well,
And I never have been.
I’ve been faking my condition
When all along I’ve been dying.
You know all things.
You know what I hide inside.
I can’t hide who I am from You.
I can’t fake it anymore.
Heal me with your abounding forgiveness
For You’re the only One Who can.
Renovate my heart,
And carve Your words there,
So I may not just know about You,
But may finally know You
The way I am fully known.

~Jeremiah 31:31-34, Mark 2:17

© Sarah S. Walters, 2017


Make Me A Lover

Make Me a True Lover

by Amy Carmichael

Mender of broken reeds,
O patient Lover,
‘Tis love my brother needs;
Make me a lover.
That this poor reed may be
Mended and tuned for Thee,
O Lord, of even me
Make a true lover.

Kindler of smoking flax,
O fervent Lover,
Give what Thy servant lacks;
Make me a lover.
That this poor flax may be
Quickened, aflame for Thee,
O Lord, of even me
Make a true lover.

~Is 42:3


The world wobbles,
And we are awakened
As the pendulum swings,
Waiting to make our way
Back to the center point
Of love.

~written November 16, 2015

© Sarah S. Walters, 2017


I emerged into the world, with a hunger.
I ate and ate and ate,
Gorging on whatever knowledge I could acquire,
Until I was so full I could eat no more.
I need a rest, I thought, I want some peace.
So I bundled myself up and hid away from the world.
But I was not content there for long either.
This is getting cramped, I thought.
I’m tired of being alone.
I need to do something, be something more;
I need to get out of here.
And then the sky ripped open,
And I found myself emerging as something
All together different, not at all what I had been before.
Sure, I still had all the knowledge,
But I now had wings to fly
And clarity of mind to be exactly who I was meant to be,
A new creation.
This is the journey we are all on.
Craving knowledge,
Hibernating, and reemerging again and again
From glory to glory, until time comes to an end.
We are not what we will be,
But we do know when Day overcomes the night,
We will be like Him,
Free from all that weighs us down,
And able to reach the highest heights.

scales of a butterfly wing

© Sarah S. Walters, 2017

The Moon Walks

The moon walks
In faithfulness.
Month after month
Back to her place
Of closeness
With the sun.
Each time she obscures
Herself in darkness
From the eyes of the world,
Her hidden nature
Is bathed in the light
Of that radiant star.
Though her way
Appears inconstant
To those who live on earth,
From the viewpoint
Of the shining luminary,
A part of her
Reflects his glory.

© Sarah S. Walters, 2016


~Appears in Kisha Gallagher’s *NEW* book entitled: The Biblical New Moon: A Guide for Celebrating.

Between the Straits

When I feel like I can’t breathe,
And everything is pressing in on me,
I will look past my circumstance
Allowing You my vision to enhance.
I choose to trust in Your divine plan
And grasp tightly to Your loving hand.
Though everything may fall apart
I know that I still have Your heart.
So please, Father, show me Your face;
And help me rest in Your strong embrace
Between the straits.

© Sarah S. Walters, 2016

Image courtesy of pazham at
Image courtesy of pazham at


On the outside,
I come out looking the same
As I did before I went in.
But on the inside,
Everything, every thing
Has been made new again.

© Sarah S. Walters, 2016


I Am

I am the homeless man,
begging for money
to buy my next drink;
I am the mother
yelling at her child
in the grocery check-out line;
I am the father who’s given up
and left his family behind;
I am the man
who murdered your child;
I am the mental patient
who tried to kill herself
and failed;
I am the prostitute
out on my nightly prowl;
I am the girl walking out of the clinic
where I got an abortion;
I am the man with AIDS,
lying in the hospital bed
struggling to breathe;
I am the man dressed in drag
using the women’s restroom;
I am the woman kissing her wife
on the city hall steps.
I appear as all these and more,
hoping you’ll see me
behind the masks I wear,
hoping you’ll look past
what your eyes see
and love me.
I am.
I am.
I am
the Messiah in disguise.

~based on the passage from Matthew 25:31-46, pondering what Messiah would have said if He were here in the flesh today talking about the least of these.

The Middle Line

Hello.            Goodbye.
Yes.                         No.
Right.                Wrong.
New.                       Old.
Win.                        Fail.
Go.                        Stop.
Rich.                      Poor.
Left.                       Right.

© 2016, Sarah S. Walters
Image courtesy of suphakit73 at
Image courtesy of suphakit73 at