Ponderings: Religion

If you are afraid, it might be that you are involved in a religion.
If you are involved in a religion, you may be afraid of being rejected by those within that religious community.
But if you are rejected by the religious community you belong to, aren’t you seeing the words of Yeshua come to pass?
He said we who believe in Him–the Word made flesh–would be rejected by men for His name’s sake.
We are not called to be a part of any religion, but G-d often uses religion to cause us to see there is a higher power.
We are called to follow Truth, and Truth can be found in any religion.
Truth is not equal to one’s opinions, but opinions can be based on the Truth.
When we use the Truth to further our own opinions, we get religion,
When we base our opinions on Truth, we attain spirituality and relationship with our Creator.
Truth can be found in any religion, yet Truth is not confined to any one religion.
Truth is not confined to any particular religion, but there are some religions that have more Truth than others.
Ya’akov, the brother of Yeshua, says that true religion is caring for the orphans and widows.
How many people in this world help the poor and widows outside of the confines of religion?
Here we see that taking care of “the least of these” is universal; it spans all religions.
Care for these precious souls is love for our brothers and sisters.
Love for our brothers and sisters is what we were sent into this world of existence to learn.
If we can learn to love, truly love, without condition and without boundaries,
Then we will attain an affinity of form with our Creator,
Then we shall be like our elder Brother, who gave Himself for the salvation of the entire world,
Without condition and without boundaries.
He came to show us the way;
It is through death to self and self-preservation,
Through the ability to stand on our own, apart from the crowds of religion, that has its own agenda,
That we can hear the Voice calling us to love one another, even as we have been loved.
If we can stop being afraid, maybe we will finally be able to love–for real.



I Don’t Want to Be an Example

I don’t want to be an example.
I want to be the best human being I can be.
I want to be who G-d designed me to be,
To live up to the potential He sees in me.
I want to do what He’s called me to do,
Nothing more, nothing less.

I don’t want my children to be like me.
I want them to be the best versions of themselves
That G-d created them to be.
I want them to exceed the potential
That I was not able to achieve.
I want them to live their lives to the fullest,
Knowing their unique talents and gifts,
Knowing that those talents and gifts
Are not for their own pleasure,
But for the benefit of others
And all for the glory of the G-d.
I want them to do what He’s called them to do,
Nothing more, nothing less.

May we reach the highest rung on the ladder,
And walk on the high places.
Even though we may fall seven times,
May we always get back up again.
May we run the race faithfully
And when we have beaten our own shadows,
Hear those beautiful words,
“Well, done, good and faithful servant.
Enter into my rest.”
For this is the promise to us
And our children and our children’s children,
If we are diligent in seeking Him,
And loving Him, and walking in His ways.

So if I am an example to you,
I don’t mean to be.
It’s simply me, being me to the best of my ability.
So if you would be all that G-d has for you to be,
Then look only to me to see it can be accomplished
With much trying and striving.

© 2015, Sarah S. Walters

Image courtesy of blackzheep at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image courtesy of blackzheep at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Your Love is a Secret

Your Love is a secret,
A whisper, a spark
Of light in the dark.
As real as my thoughts.
A point in the heart.
Drawn from the storehouse
Of my human experience–
And boundless.
The hug of my father,
The words of my mother,
The kiss of a lover,
The kindness of another.
Each man and each woman
Must draw from the well
Of their lives,
And if they search inside
The recesses of their mind
They may also find that
Your Love is a secret,
Singular to each
And every one.

© 2015, Sarah S. Walters

My Banner

The more time that goes by, and the farther I go in my journey with Hashem, the more I realize that I don’t want to stand under the banner of any particular religion or “movement” but, rather, the flag of surrender and banner of Love.

Hashem has set a standard in the earth; it’s been there since time immemorial; I simply have to stand under it. That is what He’s calling me to; it’s what I believe He’s calling all of us to, to stand under His banner. All it requires is for us to trust Him above any man/men or organization(s). And He doesn’t just want the parts of us we’re willing to put under His Banner; He wants all of us.

His Banner is unmarked, it’s not flashy or showy; real love needs no words, just action. His banner is white; His love is pure as washed wool, and white as freshly fallen snow. If we can bring ourselves to surrender to Him, He makes us pure vessels capable of holding His Love to overflowing, bubbling upward and outward to a dark and dying world that so desperately needs His Love, too.

He is my Banner. His Banner is Love. His Love is enough. He is enough.

Maybe it’s bricks and mortar now, whether or not they run it down
I don’t want anything to shake that shape away
No one told us which way to come, nobody mapped oblivion
So I go growing roses in the disarray
Just like most, falling head in
‘Til my ghost fills the bed in

So lift it up like a banner
Hold it up over me
If this war is never ending
I’ll take this love down with me
Like a banner

I don’t need fate to give it time, it doesn’t take pain to change your mind
No weapon can sever the soul from me
Not the sorceress, not the money
All my cleverness, all my cunning


It’s around me in my surroundings
It counts me when it starts the counting
In the chaos there is a standard
I’m carrying it like a banner

So lift it up like a banner
Hold it up over me
If this war is never ending
I’ll take this love down with me

In My Weakness

My ears are dull of hearing,
But I can hear Your voice.
My eyes can’t see clearly,
Yet I fix my gaze on You.
My heart is poor and feeble,
But I carry Your words within me.
My hands lack strength to hold,
Yet I grasp Your promises tightly.
My legs are lame and twisted,
But I stand straight and tall
On the faith I have in You,
For this my soul knows well–
In my every weakness,
Your strength is making me whole.

~inspired by 2 Corinthians 12:9

© 2015, Sarah S. Walters

Image courtesy of Michelle Meiklejohn at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image courtesy of Michelle Meiklejohn at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The Wind and the Wheat

Scattering You gather,
And gathering You scatter
Again and again.
You cast Your seed on the wind,
Carrying us far and wide,
To the four corners of the field.
Buried in dry and parched ground,
Waiting to be watered,
While our husks rot away
In the dark soil.
As the third day dawns, 
You call us upward.
We rise from our graves;
New life springing forth
With dewy leaves of green–
Toward light and sun,
Our hopes realized.
We grow big and tall,
Feet firmly planted,
Swaying in the same breeze
That scattered us.
Your rain sustains us,
The light of Your face
Causes us to thrive.
Our heads drop,
Bowing low to the ground,
With maturing fruit.
Some of our neighbors are not like us;
They stand up straight and proud.
They used to look like us,
But they’ve since betrayed
Who they really are.
There’s nothing in their heads
Except poison and death.
They will be cut first
And cast into the fire.
But we do not share their fate;
We will be safely bundled
All together
Into the Great Storehouse.
Gathering You scatter,
And scattering You will gather
Until all has been fulfilled.

© 2015, Sarah S. Walters

Image courtesy of adamr at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image courtesy of adamr at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


I am a captive
In a land my fathers do not know,
Locked in a cage called
L I B E R T Y.
Pay the men a penny
To hear me sing.
And I will,
I will sing my song.
I will sing it loud and clear
So my True Love will hear me
Crying in sorrow,
“Come, my Love, my Dove;
Set me free!”
He hovers on the wind,
For tomorrow
We will fly far away
To our nest where we’ll rest
Perched high
In the Tree called
L I F E.
And there we will live
In love and safety.

© 2015, Sarah S. Walters

Photo credit: margot.trudell / Source / CC BY-NC-SA
Photo credit: margot.trudell / Source / CC BY-NC-SA


Remember Me.

Remember how I brought you out of Egypt,
Out of slavery
And into the quiet places
To be your One and Only.
Remember Me,
How I spoke kindly to you
And vowed to take care of you,
To love and cherish you,
Even though you were little,
Though you were nothing to behold
In the sight of all the peoples of the earth.
But in My eyes you have always been
My precious treasure,
My love, My beautiful one.
You are Mine forever.
You must remember–
You will remember–
And never forget.

I remember You.

I remember how You took me out of Egypt,
Out of slavery
And brought me into the quiet places
To be my One and Only.
I remember Your words,
You vowed to love me, take care of me,
And I vowed that I would follow you
Wherever You might lead.
I remember how You looked at me
Like I was the most precious thing You possessed.
Who can find such love in all the earth?
No one.
For Your love is pure and holy,
Not of this world, but from the highest heaven.
I am Yours forever.
I will remember–
I will always remember–
And never forget.

~In honor of the Korban Pesach

© 2015, Sarah S. Walters

image from messianic publications.com
Image from messianicpublications.com


Heart Cry

So much heartache in this world
Makes me cry out to my Father.
“How long will You tarry?
How long will You let evil men rule and reign in the earth?
Murders of our young and unborn children,
Starvation of impoverished souls,
While churches build another sanctuary–
Bigger is not better–
While children starve,
While men and women die of AIDS and leave their children orphans.
How long until You return and restore justice in the earth?
Before Your people will see righteousness flow from Zion
To all the uttermost parts of the earth?
Before we will see no more death, or sorrow, or pain?
Come, O Rock of our Salvation, and reign over us
As You have promised.”
I will hope in the G-d of my Fathers,
I wait expectantly for His Yeshua.

©2015, Sarah S. Walters