photo 1If you clicked on this you may be curious and asking, ‘what is tzniut?’ or perhaps you already know. Simply put, tzniut, is modesty; it is not merely modesty of dress, but this modesty is deeper–one from the heart. For what good is modesty of dress if the heart is full of wickedness? If you’re interested in learning more go HERE. It will take you to all the articles I have written to date about tzniut.

Double Header

Double Header is a great source for hair accessories, baby gifts and clothing essentials. They carry a full line of headwear – Pre-Tied Bandanas, Snoods, Berets, Israeli Tichels and Mitpachat. Their full line of hair accessories has something for everyone. I have bought all my KikiRiki shells from them.
Over the last 4 years, I have undergone a huge metamorphosis, and I now dress as an Orthodox Jew. I feel this dress best suits my personality allowing my inner self to shine brighter. Since modesty is a huge part of my life, I thought it might be nice to share where I get a lot of my clothing (specifically shells) and my head scarves, so I’ve provided a couple of my favorite online shops.

TickelTichelLogo-e1404877569762Tichel Tichel

Shop owner Cassandra chooses scarves that are uniquely beautiful and lightweight, making them especially wonderful adornments for warmer temperatures and climates. Her shop also features exclusive, beautifully handmade ribbon flowers as accessories to dress up your favorite scarves.

Wrapunzel: The Store

The Wrapunzel Store is run by two beautiful souls–Rivka Malka and Andrea Grinberg. They have a huge selection of scarves, tons of accessories, and the best part is that they have video tutorials to show you how to tie their scarves, so that you get the most out of them. They also now carry shells to adapt your current wardrobe if you decide you want to cover your arms.



Hair–Got That Covered?

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below! I’d be happy to answer the best I can.


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