Your Word In My Heart

Shalom and welcome to my handwriting workbooks page! I am in the process of self-publishing my first set of handwriting workbooks and wanted to offer something for free to help get the word out about this new project.

This year my son began homeschooling, and I really wanted to integrate his education with as much Torah as possible. I hadn’t been able to find any curriculum for handwriting/penmanship that was made with Torah in mind and that also utilized the D’Nealian script. So I began the school year writing verses from the Torah portions by hand. B”H, I have tolerable handwriting, but then I thought maybe if I found a font, I could select a verse from the Torah portion and print it out along with blank writing paper, cutting down on the prep time. Score! I found a script and started printing out verses every week. Then I thought, if I am doing this, maybe there are other moms out there who would like to use these verses for their children. So I decided to write a workbook for each book of the Torah and sell them for a modest price to anyone who would be interested. Right now, the plan is to produce workbooks that will be filled with at least three verses from each portion so that you can use them for multiple years and children. Copy work is a wonderful way to teach dictation, punctuation, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary, but my favorite thing about this method is the ability to help with memorization.

My son writes the same verse for four days and by Shabbat, he’s able to recite it. Because the ultimate goal was to build a foundation of Torah principles, I named the series, Your Word in My Heart. I am working on the last three books right now and waiting to hear back from a Bible translation company. If you would like to be updated on this project and would like to learn more about how and when the workbooks will be available for purchase, please “Like” my Sewnolivette FB page and/or subscribe to the blog!

Click on the image below to download your FREE copy of the D’Nealian Script Handwriting Primer; it’s the perfect way to introduce this script to pre-K/Kindergarten to prepare for the workbooks geared toward 1st-2nd graders.



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